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Members Only

Member Specific Locations and Tools

Note: links to our main social media pages are offered in the footer of every page.

Members Only Facebook Group

Once you have registered you will want to ask for admission to our members only facebook page. The page is purged shortly after that kickoff party each year.

Green Bay Triathlon Marketplace Facebook Group

A place for members to offer items for sale. It is run by our member Pete Christensen

GBMS Strava Club

See how you stack up against other members or join just for the encouragement.

GBMS Training Chat

If you are interested in knowing what is going on with club members you will want to be part of the GBMS Training Chat.  Originally created to plan group swims it has become the daily location for all things training. To join the chat talk to any member that you hare facebook friends with and they can add you.  This room contains non-GBMS folks too and is one of the ways we bring in new people.