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Virtual Training

Virtual Training through RGT (Road Grand Tours) for GBMS

Green Bay Multisport is spear heading an initiative to get our GBMS members to interact digitally during Covid - 19 and beyond with use of various features of the RGT platform such as Magic Roads to get our group riding & racing on actual courses. 

RGT (Road Grand Tours) is very much like Zwift but without the power-ups.  You will have an avatar that is customizable and access to a digital course landscape which follows actual course elevations and turns.

Zack Welhouse is wanting to set up group rides and friendly races of courses such as High Cliff half/olympic, Elkhart Lake Olympic, Door County, IMWI 70.3 & ect. 

Notifications will be posted on GBMS Facebook page & GBMS Training Opportunities messanger.

Check this page and it's links to become apart of RGT's Cycling community.

*Power meter or Smart trainer connectivity required

Free use of Premium Feature During Covid-19 (forseable future)

Once you have signed up and downloaded the Apps for operation.

Use the e-mail that you utilized for log in.

Send an  empty e-mail to

Getting Started with RGT

Road Grand Tours does require two apps, but is very easy to utilize. Follow this link to get start with Road Grand Tours aka (RGT).

System Requirments page

This page will allow you to double check and let you know if you have what is required to use RGT.

Features of Road Grand Tours

Ride with your friends and make new ones by joining one of our our indoor cycling events.

Go Beyond your limits as you push harder than ever in thrilling action-packed races.

  • Join competitive races
  • Join group rides
  • Join group training sessions
  • Create your own races
  • Create your own group rides
  • Invite riders to join you

Training using RGT

Like Zwift and many other online platforms. RGT Has workouts and coaches available.

Events on RGT

Ride with your friends and make new ones by joining one of our our indoor cycling events. -Join competitive races -Join group rides -Join group training sessions -Create your own races -Create your own group rides -Invite riders to join you

Features of the Free and Paid Membership

Free membership   

Access to real roads

Open Riding Mode     

Join Events - Group Rides and Races ( Open and by Invitations)

Integration with Training Peaks

Update data to Training peaks  

Paid Membership *all free features plus

Structured Workout Mode

Upload Structured Workouts

RGT Structured Workout Library

Magic Road

Create Event on Standard Road

Create Event on Magic Road

Customizable Event Bots

Workout of the Day Library Sync