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November 2022


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Triathlon racing season is pretty much over - unless you are braving a winter tri or traveling to parts that are much warmer than WI.  That doesn't mean our club hibernates for the next 5 months - we have a design for next year's kit, casual clothing, club and USAT membership information, and the kick off party is already booked.  We may be spending more time indoors with our training (we still have discounts available for nutrition and equipment) but the multisport lifestyle continues on!!

2023 Kit


We have a new design for 2023 - Green, Yellow and easy to identify.  There are few things better when the "hard times" of a race hit than a random spectator shouting out, "Go GBMS" or better, a teammate that is passing by recognizes you.  Our plan is to provide the kit through 2 different vendors - same design with both.  Unfortunately orders will not be available before  Christmas - we will have order information out by the first of the year.

Casual Clothing


Look for available items and ordering information on our GBMS Facebook page on November 21.

GBMS and USAT Membership


GBMS Membership:  2023 or the 2 year 2023/2024 membership is open.  Check your current status to determine if you need to register for next year.  Membership has stayed the same at $55 for 1 year and $100 for 2 years.  Currently there is a 10% discount through the end of the year with the code:  2023GBMS10


USAT Membership:  USAT is the governing body for triathlon in the US.  We are a registered USAT Club which gives us insurance for club events (things like Duck Creek Quarry and Door County Training Day).  Individuals may or may not register with USAT.  If you are planning on racing an USAT sanctioned triathlon an individual registration is mandatory.  If you are not racing in a sanctioned event it is your choice.  There will be a membership drive during the month of January with a 20% discount.  If you have already registered for 2023 you can use the discount and add another year to your current membership.

2023 Kick Off Party


The location and date are now booked for the 2023 kick off party.  It will once again be at Badger State Brewing on February 18, 2023 from 1:00-5:00 pm.  Along with the normal speakers, snacks, drink and teammates, this year we will be adding a swap meet / rummage sale for anyone looking to clean out unused multisport gear or wanting to pick up something new from other team members.  More information will be provided at a later date.

2023 GBMS Board


We are currently recruiting for new board members to fill positions for 2023.  The board works to provide value to our members through club activities, access to open water swimming, team kits, casual wear, discounts, etc.  If you are interested in being on the board please email Curt Beutler at

GBMS Sponsors and Discounts


As we move into the off season it may be time to focus on your body instead of just your equipment.  Performance Chiropractic is a GBMS sponsor and may be just what your body needs.  

If equipment is what you need, check out Pete's Garage, Rudy Project or ROKA for any off season or Christmas gifts you may want to give yourself.

Nutrition is always important, whether it is racing or just training season.  Eating whole, real food is the first step and, if needed, adding supplements can give you an extra boost in energy and recovery.  Check out Infinit Nutrition, Sur PhytoPerformance, and BASE Performance for all your supplement needs.

Maybe personal care products from Zealios are what you need.

Click here to see discounts that are available to GBMS members.

High Cliff Triathlon Results


Currently results from the High Cliff Triathlon - all races and distances - have not been forwarded to USAT to be added to their database.  USAT uses results to determine if an athlete has qualified for nationals and for ranking purposes across each competition year.  If you raced at High Cliff you can email a "page shot" of your results to