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GBMS Board Members needed


GBMS Teammates,

The GBMS Board needs your help...

We are in need of folks to become Board Members and/or Coordinators for the 2021 Season:

* President - Scot would like to step down - Family / Training / especially Work (the current company he works for just got bought out) has become overwhelming (he would still be available to coordinate and/or work with the Board).

* Vice President - Tony would like to step down also - he is willing to continue in a coordinator role to help with the Web Page and Newsletter but would like to step off the board. If not possible he will be dropping to a “member at large” status.

* Treasurer - due to unforeseen family circumstances, Becky is stepping down from the Board and we need someone to help with what she does (Financials, Kit Ordering, and Membership) Becky will be available to help whoever takes over this role.

* At large Opening - Brooke is stepping down from the Board

* Kickoff Meeting - help plan

* End of Season Party - help plan

* Kits - help design 2021 Zoot Kit

* Help with Training Day's (GB Tri, HC Tri, & DC Tri (6/26)

* Discount Codes - Sponsors (work with Scot) 

Success and the future of GBMS is needed with some of you helping out

If you are interested or know of someone who would be, please have them reach out to Current Board Member, email GBMS, email Scot (


 Board of Directors


End of this crappy year



About Green Bay Multisport

Green Bay Multisport is a team that facilitates a multisport lifestyle through participation in group training, events and educational opportunities. We create a supportive network to foster improvement, provide motivation and cultivate camaraderie.

Our mission is to provide multisport athletes of all ages and abilities opportunities to achieve their endurance goals in a team environment with a commitment to the betterment of the entire multisport community of North East Wisconsin.

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